Eureka Taxi’s is your leading provider for transport, food delivery and small parcel transport services. When choosing Eureka Taxis your choosing a company that is committed to safety, punctuality and exemplary customer service.

To ensure that we continue to offer you the best services each and every one of our drivers has undergone and continues to undergo vigorous knowledge testing of local locations and community areas to ensure

Whether your traveling with Eureka Taxis for that small trip to the shops around the corner for a few thing, that VIP corporate trip or off to airport run we have you covered.

Vehicle Safety

The safety of our passengers and drivers is our utmost priority. Each and every vehicle in our vast fleet is checked vigorously daily.

When inspecting vehicles we are looking for anything  safety related within the steering and tyres, drivetrain, braking system, and engine areas.

Further our drivers check and report daily for any damage cosmetically to any of our vehicles at the completion of their shift.

Vehicle Cleanliness

Our vehicles are are cleaned daily by our drivers are the completion of their shift. This includes thoroughly washing the vehicles exterior, vacuuming and sanitizing all commonly touched areas.

Each vehicle is professionally detailed by an third party company to ensure that the vehicles are kept in the best cosmetic condition.

Management do spot checks of all vehicles periodically without warning. If a vehicle is found not to be to an acceptable standard its taken off the road.


Eureka Taxis expects all of our drivers to carry our company name and reputation with honor and pride.  Eureka Taxis  compels our drivers to follow strict company policies, specifically relating to integrity and professionalism

Each and every one of our Australian drivers are seasoned and experienced professionals. Each driver having driven in the industry for a period of no less then 5 years prior to commencement with us.

When you choose Eureka Taxis, you are choosing to support a locally owned and operated business who is committed to offering you the nothing but the best service all with a smile.


Eureka Taxis is committed to being on time every time for your next booking. When you book a taxi for a certain day and time, and book it at least 24 hours in advance, we promise that the driver will not only be there for that booking at the time and date specified, but will be at the pickup location earlier to ensure timely departure