“The objective of our business is to deliver on time, professional and safe transport services for our customers, community, people, and shareholders. Our focus areas are school runs, airport runs and delivery as well as good business practices.”

To attain our objective of enhancing the transport needs of our customers and businesses, Eureka Taxis follows its core values, we also help in creating a work culture that helps in work efficiency and customer satisfaction by giving attention to every interaction with its customers.

Our mission statement outlines the following key aspects.

Standard rate $3.60$1.838 per kilometre$0.643 per minute
High occupancy rate$3.60$2.441 per kilometre$0.529 per minute

Distance charges apply when the vehicle is above 21km/h. * Time charges only only applies if vehicle is stationary or is traveling at or below 21km per hour

Late night fee$3.40
Holiday fee$4.20
CPV Levy Recovery Fee$1.16 (including GST)
Cleaning feeUp to $120

* For 5-11 passengers (including a person(s) who uses a wheelchair or of other mobility aid) or where the hirer, specifically requests a larger then standard vehicle regardless of the number of passengers (except where the booking is for a person(s) who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid)

**Holiday rate applies all day Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day; and from 6PM on New Year’s Eve. It also applies from 7PM on the evenings prior to other Victorian public holidays until the morning of the public holiday.

*** When the hirer specifically asks requests the hire of as premium service vehicle and agreed to the charge of up to $11 per trip.

**** A cleaning fee of up to $120.00 applies if the passenger soils the vehicle with food, drink and other bodily fluids. Whether this fee is charged is left up to the discretion of the driver.